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FAQ: List
  • How much does it cost to participate?
    Nothing. We want everyone to be able to participate regardless of financial situation. That being said, participants can expect to receive messages from our sponsors, as they allow us to provide the program free of charge.
  • What does the curriculum look like?
  • Do we have to be a Charlotte Mason family to participate?
    In short, no. That being said, to get the most out of our curriculums, it is important that you understand several principles and practices that exist within the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education (transcription, read-alouds, dictation, recitation, and copy work). We will provide a brief explanation of any and all work to be done, but more in-depth explanations may be necessary for families that are not already familiar with Charlotte Mason and her approaches to learning.
  • What languages are available to acquire?
    We are currently offering only English and Spanish exchanges, focusing on connecting families in the Americas.
  • This sounds like a lot of logistics. Is it worth the hassle?
    REGARDING LOGISTICS: getting exchanges set up, like forming habits, takes a bit of work. Once done properly, they can become smooth, easy, and enjoyable. ​ REGARDING VALUE: Charlotte Mason believed that education is the science of relations. There is no better way to form a relationship with a language and a culture than to meet people who speak and live differently and to share a part of life with them. We can't wait to help make that happen for you and your family!
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