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My husband, Michael, and I live in Wisconsin with our 4 young children. He works in Clinical Engineering and is a Certified Flight Instructor. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and raise our children. I am a former Spanish teacher and current Charlotte Mason enthusiast, and I dreamed up the Organic Language Project because I saw a great opportunity to connect the Charlotte Mason community internationally.


Michael grew up in a bilingual household while I became fluent in my second language (Spanish) through coursework, virtual exchange, and travel. I hold a Master of Arts in Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture from Marquette University, a Master of Arts in Teaching from National Louis University, and a TEFL certification. More importantly, I have a huge passion for bringing language to life. Thank you for considering making the Organic Language Project part of your homeschool journey!


A small English boy of nine living in Japan, remarked, “Isn’t it fun, Mother, learning all these things? Everything seems to fit into something else.” The boy had not found out the whole secret; everything fitted into something within himself.

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